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Did you know one of the most influential and effective leaders to walk this Earth lived in Egypt over two thousand years ago? You probably never heard his name, yet experts agree his visionary genius still touches our daily lives in almost every way. This is the shocking story of the people and events that led to Ancient Alexandria, and the thousands of lives sacrificed to save one man’s dream, changing the course of all civilization.

“A brilliant journey of tragedy and triumph where history and mystery engage you more with every page. Watch out for MP Soldo!”
—John Castagnini. Creator of ThankGodi.com 

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For Pleasure and Enlightenment

“Feel the passion of overwhelming love, or the shocking brutality of war. Live the lives of historical giants, or discover the limitless possibilities of imagination and human experience. Meticulously crafted and lovingly presented, your journey into new realms awaits…”


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