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MP Soldo Book Signing Las Vegas 2-17-13

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Ptolemy and the battle to save ancient Alexandria

One of my favorite ancient battles is the one fought by Ptolemy I to protect ancient Alexandria from Perdiccas. In May of 320 B.C., Perdiccas attempted to cross the Nile River to take control of Egypt from Ptolemy. At stake was a glorious era known as the Ptolemaic dynasty, where generations of people devoted their […]

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The Cleopatra Exhibit

I just visited the Cleopatra exhibit in Los Angeles, California. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see actual artifacts that came from ancient Alexandria, including a scroll that had Cleopatra’s original signature, “make it so”. What blew me away, is that these artifacts were only recently discovered. To think they were sitting […]

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    From the ashes of war and the blood of 60,000 warriors, the most visionary leader to have ever walked this Earth turns dream into reality, and a new age of enlightenment begins. Ancient Alexandria was a mind-boggling achievement in human advancement, but it didn't just happen. Power hungry rulers, battle hardened soldiers and the fury of war put civilization to the ultimate test. This ancient but true story is passed on to you now. Protect it. Keep it safe.


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