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I’m honored you visited my website and have an interest in my writings. Whether historical or fantasy, my stories are created with passion and love, and something I delight in talking about. But speaking about myself is not as easy for me. I’ve had a past with mistakes and subsequent hardships, so all I can do is accept my regrets, ask for forgiveness, learn and move forward.

In reflecting about my inspiration, there was a time when the measure of my happiness was based on my ‘bottom line’ success. But despite a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, a twenty-five year career in the Defense industry and several investment homes,  financial calamity from the real estate crash shattered my world changing everything. My daily life became an excruciating and endless battle with creditors and attorneys. And right in the middle of all that, the environment at work turned and suddenly I had the devastating task of looking co-workers in the eye and telling them they were losing their jobs. These people were my friends and put their trust in me for many years. It was gut wrenching.

But in those worst of times, I gained a deep appreciation for the people still around me and found a boundless inspiration to create.

I owe much gratitude to my brother John, mother-n-law Talat, and father-n-law Zia for their loving support, my mother Betty for blessing us with her talented and creative spirit, my sons Andrew, Sami, Zuki, Zaman, and Ziyad, and daughter Subiha for reminding me about the utter joy of youth, and of course my wife Asiya for making my heart not only flutter but beat with a new and profound purpose.

Now it is family, loved ones and writing that are the pillars of my happiness. 

With a commitment to the reader, it’s my pleasure to fill the pages with straight forward, passion filled stories that provoke inspired wonderment and emotion.

I treasure my stories and take pride in them. I hope you find treasure in them too.



    From the ashes of war and the blood of 60,000 warriors, the most visionary leader to have ever walked this Earth turns dream into reality, and a new age of enlightenment begins. Ancient Alexandria was a mind-boggling achievement in human advancement, but it didn't just happen. Power hungry rulers, battle hardened soldiers and the fury of war put civilization to the ultimate test. This ancient but true story is passed on to you now. Protect it. Keep it safe.


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