MP Soldo Book Signing Las Vegas 2-17-13

Book Signing, Las Vegas 2-17-13

Book Signing, Las Vegas 2-17-13

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Ptolemy and the battle to save ancient Alexandria


One of my favorite ancient battles is the one fought by Ptolemy I to protect ancient Alexandria from Perdiccas. In May of 320 B.C., Perdiccas attempted to cross the Nile River to take control of Egypt from Ptolemy. At stake was a glorious era known as the Ptolemaic dynasty, where generations of people devoted their lives to the peaceful pursuit of knowledge and art, developing key pillars on which present day technology stands.

Perdiccas was not a good leader. He was arrogant, cruel, and power hungry.  Ptolemy, however, was intelligent, reserved, and cared for his people. And in this striking story of strategy and leadership, he demonstrated true polemic genius.

Both Ptolemy and Perdiccas fought side by side as generals in Alexander the Great’s legion.  But when Alexander died, the question of who would rule over his vast empire brought deep seeded tensions to the surface, and thus the tracks were laid for an unavoidable conflict between the two most powerful men on the planet.

In ancient times, effective leadership and strategy trumped numbers, and an excellent example is the battle between Ptolemy and Perdiccas.  In my book, “Alexandria, the Stones of Macedonia“, I tell this shocking true story of conflict, leadership, love, and war.

We all owe respect and appreciation to Ptolemy I Soter (savior), and the thousands of men that gave their lives so long ago. They experienced hardship and brutality we can barely imagine, and fought to the death protecting one man’s vision of a futuristic, cosmopolitan city,  forever known as ancient Alexandria.

If you have thoughts on this subject, please leave a comment. In particular, I’d like to know more examples of the theories and technologies that were developed in ancient Alexandria. One example is the mapping of the Earth – fifteen hundred years before Columbus sailed, not only did the scientists of Alexandria determine the Earth was round, they accurately estimated its diameter, and then created a system of longitude and latitude grid-lines for mapping the regions of our world, still in use today.

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The Cleopatra Exhibit

Cleopatra exhibit - 2

I just visited the Cleopatra exhibit in Los Angeles, California. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see actual artifacts that came from ancient Alexandria, including a scroll that had Cleopatra’s original signature, “make it so”.

What blew me away, is that these artifacts were only recently discovered. To think they were sitting at the bottom of the harbor all these years, just a simple scuba-dive exhibition away.

I saw ancient coins, various statues, tools, and unbelievably gorgeous sets of gold jewelry. The necklace  shown below was stunning.

If you’re in the Southern California area, and ever looking for something different to do for an afternoon, I highly recommend visiting this exhibition.




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    From the ashes of war and the blood of 60,000 warriors, the most visionary leader to have ever walked this Earth turns dream into reality, and a new age of enlightenment begins. Ancient Alexandria was a mind-boggling achievement in human advancement, but it didn't just happen. Power hungry rulers, battle hardened soldiers and the fury of war put civilization to the ultimate test. This ancient but true story is passed on to you now. Protect it. Keep it safe.


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