Midcentury Dream


Midcentury Dream (not complete)

This is an auto-biography of my time in Palm Springs, California. If you personally experienced the mysterious draw of this desert oasis, then you will appreciate the exhilaration of new beginnings and great successes, or you may understand far to well the unfortunate devastation of loss and failure. In either case, Midcentury Dream will endure in our hearts as a timeless story we all share, bringing the resolution and closure we all so desperately need.

If you are thinking of purchasing and renovating a home for your personal or investment use, please READ THIS BOOK FIRST!  Imbedded my story are all the pitfalls and hidden disasters the television shows and books notoriously neglect to tell you. I hold nothing back and tell of all the true risks of purchasing real estate, my triumphs, my failures, and even the down and dirty details of negotiating and settling bad debt with banks and credit card companies. May you never be in such an unfortunate position, but if you are, this story and the details I provide will empower you to a position of strength, not victim.

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    From the ashes of war and the blood of 60,000 warriors, the most visionary leader to have ever walked this Earth turns dream into reality, and a new age of enlightenment begins. Ancient Alexandria was a mind-boggling achievement in human advancement, but it didn't just happen. Power hungry rulers, battle hardened soldiers and the fury of war put civilization to the ultimate test. This ancient but true story is passed on to you now. Protect it. Keep it safe.


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